Which One Is Better for You – PPF Coating or Ceramic Coating?

Opening the door of your brand new sleek and stunning car can give you happiness undefined. Nothing beats the feeling of driving your gorgeous vehicle as the light illuminates through its lustrous exterior. You might want to save the car from every minute scratch and always keep it glossy; but cars losing their shine and aesthetics due to the natural wear and tear caused by external elements is inevitable. 

Is there any way you can prevent it or restore the condition of your car? There certainly is! Let’s dive into world of paint protection. If you have been trying to keep your car in a stellar condition and have been researching, then you might have heard of this term before. You must have stumbled upon the two alternatives; Paint protection films and Ceramic coating.

Both works to enhance the quality of your car. Before we proceed to figure out which one is better, let’s skim through what the two offer.

Paint Protection Films 

Also called as clear bra; these films protect your car from scratches and rock chips, caused by fine debris, dirt, stones, bird droppings, leaves, or bug splatters. A good quality film like ProShield PPF is light, transparent, and easily malleable thereby protecting your car without taking away its overall aesthetics and showroom finish! They additionally have the unique ability to self heal and are resistant to water spots, mineral marks from rain, oxidation from UV rays, and chemical stains.

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coatings when applied on your car’s exterior, bond with its factory paint to form a semi-permanent layer. They have hydrophobic properties and offer enhanced chemical resistance and UV protection which amplifies the lustre.

Differences in their efficiency 

PPF is thicker than CC and also has self-healing properties, making it more resistant and offering a better level of protection. PPF also has greater durability, which makes it last for about 7 to 10 years contrary to CC, which will last only for 2 to 5 years. CC reigns supreme when it comes to hydrophobicity, gloss factor and UV rays’ protection. Lastly; when it comes to cost; PPF is more expensive but considering its long-lasting nature, it’s a one-time investment.

What is better PPF or CC ultimately depends on your needs, how long you will keep the car and your budget. We have compiled all the information that will assist you to decide!