Used car parts on Craigslist? Here’s a Better Idea

Have you ever bought used auto parts on Craigslist? May be eBay? Millions of people do it, and why not? It’s a handy and sometimes money-saving tactic when you need to use auto parts.
However, this strategy comes with a risk and in this article; we will inform you about this risk and present you with a better idea. We are Used Auto Parts, paving the way with great used auto parts and used truck parts. Call today; we have everything you need to keep your car or truck running smoothly.

The problem with used car parts on Craigslist or eBay

We are not here to tell you that all used car parts bought on Craigslist or eBay pose a risk. We’re just pointing out one glaring problem with this approach to self-repair cars. The problem is this:
either there is no guarantee that what you buy online will be of good quality or there is some kind of guarantee but then you have the hassle of sending the defective parts back to the seller. , and then wait for your refund.

Bottom Line: You have no idea who you are buying from on these online sites. Yes, they have reviews, but we are talking about mechanical parts that directly affect your vehicle’s performance. Do you really want to confide the future performance of your car or truck to a complete stranger online? Do you really want to endure the inconvenience of sending parts back to the seller and then waiting for a refund while you stare at your vehicle, sitting in your driveway with the not running at all because the part you need is missing?

Great savings on used auto parts can be found elsewhere

The answer to this problem is very simple as long as you live in an urban area and that answer can be found at your local junkyards, places like our Used Auto Parts. At reputable junkyards, you can buy used car parts with a guarantee. In our case, that guarantee is ninety days, and every used part we sell has been tested for reliability. And if a part we sell is defective, you don’t have to wait for the post office to refund your money. We’re on our way right now, and we’re excited to make it right for our valued customers.

Find a Trusted Junkyard and Build a Relationship

Here’s what to do the next time you need a part. Go to the nearest junkyard, tell them what you need, and try their product. If it’s a good product, keep shopping there. Meet the owners and staff. Build a relationship. Tell them you like auto repairs and are looking for a shop you can trust so you know anything you may need in the future can be found and sold to you at a fair price.