How to spot a bad window tinting job

Window tinting is getting more popular even to homeowners that some residentials are installing these protective films for their houses as well. Who wouldn’t like some additional layer of protection and privacy through layers of films, right like window tinting in Perryville, MI, right?

Yet not everyone who purchases window tints are knowledgeable enough about tints and everything that concerns to it such as maintenance, removal and reinstallation, as well as quality of films and right ways to install it.

Unfortunate events can happen in a tint installation job, this is where some cheap tinting shops scam customers who aren’t well-informed about tints by installing the tints poorly or making the cost of the job expensive yet the materials used aren’t of high quality.

Here is a list on how you can spot a poor window tint job to avoid getting scammed and have the best of your money’s worth instead:

  • Air bubble formations –when there are air bubbles forming underneath the window tint on your car’s glass, that a major sign of a bad installment. Air bubbles may be common within the first two weeks after the installment, yet when these bubbles don’t disappear after, you should go back to the shop and make a complain.
  • Purple hue –discoloration is normal on window tints only if they are installed for years already. If your newly put tints are showing change in color right after installment, that may just be a sign of poor tint quality.
  • Peeling – another common factor in old tints, peeling on new tints only mean bad work as recently installed tints should be hard to peel off from the glass surface.

These are just some helpful tips you can rely on to make sure you are getting an excellent job, especially with how costly it can be, just like how car window tinting in Perryville MI are in demand and expensive right now. Always be mindful and meticulous from canvassing to which shop you should go to, to the installment process and to the maintenance of the tints as these layers of films aren’t one time purchase car accessory.

If you want to learn more about bad tinting jobs, read the infographic below from KEPLER.



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