Driver and Passenger Cover in Car Insurance


Even an experienced driver may face accident that is fatal or suffer from lifelong disability. As per the IRDA mandate every car owner must have a Personal Accident cover that safeguards the finances of the family incase of death or permanent disability of the car owner or driver. But what happens if the passengers are victim to the accident? To address this issue car owners can buy add-on cover to provide coverage to the family of the passenger. Read on to know more.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Primarily, there are two types of car insurance- third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Third-party Insurance

Third-party insurance provides cover against third-party liabilities. The insurer can pay to cover expenses caused to a third-party property by the policyholder in case of an accident. 

Third-party insurance also covers expenses arising due to injuries or the death of a policyholder. However, people should keep in mind that third-party car insurance doesn’t cover own damage.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides enhanced financial protection. It offers cover against third-party liabilities as well as own damage. Therefore, expenses arising due to damages caused to the policyholder’s car are also covered in this insurance. Comprehensive insurance also covers natural and man-made calamities like earthquake, flood, lightning, theft, burglary, riot, etc.

One of the most important benefits that car insurance in India provides is driver and passenger cover. This cover provides financial assistance to pay for expenses arising due to medical bills and disability liability.

What is Driver and Passenger Cover?

It’s necessary for the owner-driver to get personal accident insurance. However, there are different methods to get insurance for a passenger or any paid driver who uses the policyholder’s car.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

Every car owner must get personal accident cover. It provides financial support in case the policyholder dies or suffers from temporary or total disability. The insured person or his/her successors are eligible to receive the claim amount. Any other person isn’t allowed to file a claim for this cover.

  • Passenger Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident cover for passengers is an add-on that covers the passengers in the policyholder’s vehicle. Therefore, in case of an accident, the insurer will also provide cover for passengers in the car. Generally, the number of passengers that can be covered in this add-on depends on the seating capacity of the vehicle.

  • Personal Accident Insurance for Paid Drivers

This add-on must be considered by people who have a driver for their vehicle. By purchasing this add-on, a person can get cover for his/her driver. The cover amount will be provided to the person indicated as the paid driver. Any other person can’t claim this benefit.

The Importance of Driver and Passenger Cover

Car insurance in India can cover own damage. Therefore, it provides financial assistance to repair the vehicle. 

It can also cover the insured person. Thus, if the policyholder dies or suffers from permanent or temporary disability due to an accident, then the insurer can pay the sum insured amount. However, car insurance doesn’t cover passengers and paid drivers in case of accidents. Therefore, it’s recommended to get cover for them. Hence, it’s wise for policyholders to buy personal accident insurance for paid drivers and passengers.

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Prominent Levels of Ballistic Protection

If you want to go for an armored car; you must know not all armored cars are the same. When choosing an armored car; there are several factors at play that assist you to determine your ideal protection level. A few primary factors to consider are the tactical purposes, frequency of use and perceived threat level. Additional to this; cost, vehicle type, and the number of passengers will also determine the level of protection needed. 

To know the level of assault that an armor can withstand, ballistic protection levels are referred to. The shape, composition, caliber, mass, and velocity of a bullet influences the potential threat due to a gun. To set these standards, a number of tests are performed. Based on these levels, ballistic protection has been established. The ballistic protection vehicles at Troy Armoring are customized according to your personal requirements. 

Ballistic protection levels-

  • B7- B7 is the highest protection level offered. It can resist various armor-piercing rounds fired from super high-velocity rifles, even sniper rifles. For civilians, this is the highest feasible protection in an armored vehicle. To serve special purposes, vehicles can and often do accommodate higher protection levels than B7. 
  • B6- B6 protection level is easy to implement while rendering to you a huge security advantage. It is meant to cease armor-piercing rounds.
  • B5- B5 is the most commonly installed protection level since it has the capacity to tolerate attacks from AK-47s and other assault weapons. Since these are the most common threats for civilians, most go for B5 protection. 7.5 mm is the least thickness required for B5 protection and it can be increased according to the needs of an individual.
  • B3-B4- This level of protection is specifically for bullets striking at a lower velocity due to a closer gunshot. For instance, a .357 Magnum (B3) or .44 Magnum (B4). These classes can usually withstand assault from weapons including sporting rifles and handguns and since these are commonly found weapons, this is another preferred choice of civilians. 
  • B1-B2- Being able to withstand only a 9mm; these two classes are often overlooked as an armored protection. 

The protection level can be modified depending on the clients. One thing that needs to be taken care of is balance. Remember, if the installed armor inhibits the performance and efficiency of the vehicle to an extent that escape becomes difficult; no amount of armor will save the occupants.

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Motorcycle Crash Bars What are they and are they worth the Investment?

A motorcycle can crash to the ground in many situations on the road. The rider might lose control of the bike while navigating on or off-road. They might also crash because they were riding too fast and could not control the speed or lose balance because of obstacles on the ground. Even if you are stationary in a parking space, falls can still occur.

Motorbike owners are looking for protection to protect their bikes and their personal belongings. A set of motorcycle crash bars is an accessory that can be added to a motorcycle. A motorcycle crash bar is designed to be a piece of safety equipment that connects to a motorbike’s frame. 

While the design of motorcycle crash bars may vary, its idea is to have a metal bar that protrudes beyond the motorcycle that acts as a barrier between the ground and the bike. The bar helps keep the motorbike from collapsing entirely, and it protects the rider from being trampled under the bike.

Motorcycle crash bars are typically made from mild steel or stainless steel based on the manufacturer. When choosing a crash bar, many recommend that motorbike owners select the one built and engineered for their specific motorcycle model instead of products that claim to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Many manufacturers develop crash bars that motorcycle owners themselves can easily install. However, they can also opt to contact their local dealer or workshop for the installation process. 

The bars make it easy to pick up the motorbike, with multiple safety benefits. It allows the rider to quickly and easily transfer the bike from an accident site if they are not seriously injured. First responders will be able to promptly remove the motorcycle from the injured rider and render assistance if the bike is damaged. 

The motorbike’s gas tank is light because of this. The risk of sparking in a collision with a motorbike increases, and it can put the rider and anyone helping in danger. The motorcycle crash bars don’t guarantee that the gas tank won’t be punctured. However, they help reduce the chance of puncturing the gas tank, leading to gasoline leakage in motorcycle accidents. 

Another benefit of installing crash bars on a motorbike can help long-term cost savings. The cost of bike repairs or replacements after damage can add up over time compared to investing in protective accessories like a motorcycle crash bar, making it a worthy investment that motorbike owners can consider in the long run.

Motorcycle crash bars are affordable, and they can be used as an additional layer of motorcycle protection. Crash bars are only one tool in your safety arsenal. It is crucial to remember that you cannot replace the value of taking a riding course and properly wearing all the safety equipment when on the road with your motorbike. Additionally, SWMOTECH skid plates also offer bar positioning and vibration dampening.

Before buying a crash bar, motorbike owners need to consider different factors such as its functions and limitations. They also need to pick quality products that can deliver satisfactory performance.

Here is an infographic provided by Motorrad Garage to learn more about motorcycle crash bars.


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Exotic, premium cars: crucial five steps to follow when selling

Luxury cars are a consumer good present on the wish list of a large part of the Canadian population. Currently the desire to have an exotic car is greater than even the dream of owning a home. Research shows that 87% of consumers already know which cars to buy even before they go looking for them, so it is extremely important that you can be found on the internet if you want to Sell Exotic Cars in Atlanta.

Be an authority

Making the decision to buy a luxury vehicle is not for everyone, have you ever stopped to think how much risk is involved in purchasing a car worth $ 600,000.00. Therefore, becoming known in the market is ESSENTIAL for the success of negotiations. The best way to build existing authority is to produce content. Content production will make you known in your market. You can produce content in different ways, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Get found

This tip is almost directly linked to the previous one, being found on the internet for this market is fundamental. The overwhelming majority of people already know which car they want to buy. One of the most relevant factors for Google is the production of content. Review is a presentation of the luxury car you want to sell, engine specs, design, accessories, features and rewards. Comparatives are great because within a single article you can explore two or more products.

Make videos

Content is the key to new generation sales success and video content is the next big thing in marketing. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google, the ease of producing video content through Smartphone’s and digital cameras has fed a generation super accustomed to consuming this type of content.

Create paid ads on Facebook

Creating paid ads on Facebook is a great way to market products to a specific audience if you do not know how to use Face book’s ad tool, Facebook ADS.

Email marketing

Last but not least, the icing on the internet sales cake, E-MAIL. Email marketing is still the most efficient form of communication on the internet today. The point is that little expertise to use the tool effectively. Buying an email list and firing like a crazy car advertisement, this will only make people reject your message and automatically your “bounce” will increase and as it goes up fewer emails will being sent, not to mention the possibility of you being blacklisted and not sending any more emails.

Create relationship

The most important item in this whole list is RELATIONSHIP, when you try to sell something, are you more likely to sell to a friend or stranger? The internet is capable of doing that. Create relationships with people, not necessarily that you know personally, but who have a contact with you in some way.

Therefore, the purpose of using email marketing is solely and exclusively to create relationships, you cannot seem like that person who just wants to sell, you need to generate value, send articles to your email list, informative about the car market of luxuries, trends, novelties and every now and then a sale offer.

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BMX Bikes: Characteristics that Make them the Best

BMX bikes have been on the market and highly popular ever since the 1970s and are still as popular. They are known for their incredible strength because they are made of high-quality, high tensile steel, aluminum, carbon, and other alloys. 

Racing enthusiasts love them because of their lightweight and durability. They are best for all types of terrains. BMX bikes are also highly advanced in their structure. 


The following are some of the unique and most popular characteristics of BMX bikes that make them the best choice for stunts, tricks, and riding on all terrains. 

Remember that your main preference should always be high-quality bikes, like Allied Action Sports BMX bikes, in order to ensure all of the following characteristics are present in your bike. 

  • Weight and Strength

BMX Bikes are lighter in weight and very high in strength, a perfect combination for any bike designed to withstand pressure and run fast. They can take harsh beatings and are perfect for freestyle racing and riding. 

They come with very strong yet light frames that enable them to run faster than other bikes. Their lightweight also makes them best for stunts and tricks. 

Their lightweight is mostly because of Chromoly or aluminum; hence most modern high-performance BMX bikes are made of Chromoly and aluminum. 

  • Upright Handlebar

The second most important characteristic that makes BMX bikes best is the short size of their handlebars and their upright position. This enables them to pull up efficiently. 

It allows riders to jump higher as they maneuver with the front wheel. Apart from that, the handlebars of BMX bikes are easily modifiable. 

You can adjust the position of your BMX bike’s handlebar according to your preferred position. For example, if you want to avoid neck and back injuries, then you should keep the handlebar high, about 8.5 to 10 inches, as compared to its standard position. 

  • Low Saddle

BMX bikes usually come with lower seats because they are not made for long-distance riding or high-speed racing. Their low seats enable them to perform bunny hops efficiently along with other stunts and tricks that BMX bikes are specialized for. 

  • Wider Tires and Wheels

BMX bikes come with wide tires and wheels that enable them to have a stronger grip on off-road tracks. They also make it easier for them to spin on the track without any extra friction. 


BMX bikes are the best when it comes to difficult terrains, stunts, and all sorts of tricks. Their special characteristics enable them to perform efficiently on harsh terrains. However, always buy them from reliable distributors to avoid any scams and frauds. 

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DIY Tinting Or Hiring A Professional Tinter: What Is Better?


Installing car window tints is a prominent vehicle upgrade for car enthusiasts who love a sense of privacy, protection, and even increased aesthetic appeal. Aside from vehicles, homeowners can also opt to tint their residential and commercial windows. However, some might choose between installing the tint themselves or hiring a professional to do the job.

Those who want to have DIY window tinting in Fullerton, CA, must be aware that in tinting their windows, one must have the necessary knowledge in doing so; otherwise, they cannot reap the benefits of excellent installed window tints. People who have background knowledge or expertise in the installation process of the tints can opt to tint their windows.

However, doing the tint installation on your own is a challenging and time-consuming task. It also requires the required workspace and materials. You must also know various window tinting laws depending on the country you live in. 

On the other hand, hiring professionals for window tinting in Gibsonton, FL, has many advantages, especially if you want to have desirable results that can last for a long time. Providers for window tinting services have skilled technicians and tools to get the job done quickly. Moreover, they know what is legal in your area and apply it with excellent attention.

Learn what option is better for you by reading this infographic from KEPLER.
DIY Tinting or Hiring a Professional Tinter: What is Better?

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Forget the traditional theme party. Limo Toronto rental makes all the difference

Preparing for an occasion that you want to make it memorable, you might want to plan, and put a little sense of surprise into it. Inviting special people on an occasion needs special preparation, but it is not easy to impress the visitor, as we all know it is difficult to please everyone. Nevertheless, with limousine service Toronto you can somehow make a difference. People often hire cheap services and end up in trash. Do you really want to spoil your mood? Do not make the mistake. Always prefer affordable and quality limo rental for the special occasion, so that you do not feel shame while recalling the memory.

It is not cheap, but luxury

In renting a limousine, we need to understand that it is not that cheap to rent a limousine. So prepare your pocket, as you might be surprised at the cost of renting a limousine for the special occasion. Even if you find a cheaper price on renting a limousine, you may not get the quality service you want. It is not something you would want during the occasion. If you go for a cheaper service for the limousine, you may be embarrassed during the event, because you may encounter unnecessary problems while in the limousine.

Why not cheap limo service

Most of the time, the employees of cheap companies are unfriendly and unapproachable, sluggishness is a very common problem with cheap limousine rentals. They can be unreliable. Especially if the occasion is the wedding, they may arrive a little later during pickups, which can cause delay in the schedule set by the wedding planner and embarrassment on your part – engine issues or a flat tire during the ride. You should clean things up before renting a limousine because you can see an old model limousine in front of your house, instead of the latest model you requested.

It is risky and scary

Most of the cheap limousine service does not have insurance. They will not serve you in case of an accident. Of course you do not want to think that the accident will happen during the occasion, but of course it is better to be safe than to be sorry in the end. The Above mentions are just some of the possibilities that you can get if you go for cheap limousine service.

What to do

If you just go looking and have a little more time, you can see many limousine rental deals in all major cities. You get great discounts and quality service. In renting a limousine, think of the budget. It is clear that you need to consider the quality of service that you can get at a limousine service deal. Even if you have $500 discount for the limousine, you might get into trouble later on and this is not worth the money you paid for. So before renting a limousine, it is much better to check out the good ones first before you decide to rent one. You can visit the place and check out the limousine available in their garage. Check the entire package of the limousine, inside and out.

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Information on Automotive Property Refinance

Proprietors performing a car property refinance are frequently surprised to uncover the number of new attractive home loan programs that are presently available in the last three years. thirty year amortization periods, mentioned earnings and funds out refinance as much as 75% LTV are actually available on the market. However, automotive refinances continue to be heavily scrutinized by lenders which are worried about the ecological status from the property. Additionally, the special use nature, along with the higher level of seller financing (land contracts) further complicate making lenders careful.

Underwriting criteria is damaged lower right into a couple of primary groups – Ltv, debt service coverage ratios, property analysis, tenant evaluation and credit history from the customer.


Ltv limitations on automotive refinances are usually limited to 70% on rate and term and 65% on spend refinances. However, there’s a couple of lenders which will are now allowing as much as 75% on the spend basis. Lenders will also permit high leverage with seller held financing (sits in second lien position). The combined ltv is often as high as 90%. For instance, when the current first lien position existing convention loan reaches 40% ltv and also the seller held reaches 30% ltv the dog owner could pull yet another 20% equity on a money out refinance (40% 30% 20% =90% CLTV).


Debt Service Coverage Ratio limitations are usually conservative at 1:1.3 with this building type. And therefore for each $1.30 of internet earnings (earnings after taxes, insurance, repairs, etc) the homeOrcompany produces, the loan payment won’t be permitted to exceed $1.00. Stated differently, in the end expenses and also the mortgage happen to be compensated, the dog owner must internet $.30 to qualify.

Because of the cash nature of the business, mentioned earnings loans, (where customer doesn’t have to supply tax statements) could be a solid choice for proprietors that don’t show enough internet earnings to be eligible for a traditional loans. Using this type of loan the DSCR discussed above isn’t relevant.

Tenant Evaluation

Within the situation of investment automotive refinances, tenant evaluation is essential. Lenders may request tenant financials in addition to customer financials and scrutinize time left around the current lease among other relevant information. Additionally, many lending source is only going to consider owner occupant transactions.

Property Analysis

Great caution will typically be utilized for market price and market rent is evaluated and when compared to subject property. Ecological status from the property is going to be examined and structures built before 1997 is going to be further examined. Appearance, location, ease of access, and native market conditions, along with other factors are thought.

Credit History

The private credit history from the customer is going to be scrutinized. 680 credit rating is generally the minimum to find the best finance options. Exceptions can be created (on the limited basis) as some conventional lenders will consider scores as little as 640. The general strength from the property, tenants, internet worth, DSCR, and LTV can offset concerns of low credit ratings.

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How to spot a bad window tinting job

Window tinting is getting more popular even to homeowners that some residentials are installing these protective films for their houses as well. Who wouldn’t like some additional layer of protection and privacy through layers of films, right like window tinting in Perryville, MI, right?

Yet not everyone who purchases window tints are knowledgeable enough about tints and everything that concerns to it such as maintenance, removal and reinstallation, as well as quality of films and right ways to install it.

Unfortunate events can happen in a tint installation job, this is where some cheap tinting shops scam customers who aren’t well-informed about tints by installing the tints poorly or making the cost of the job expensive yet the materials used aren’t of high quality.

Here is a list on how you can spot a poor window tint job to avoid getting scammed and have the best of your money’s worth instead:

  • Air bubble formations –when there are air bubbles forming underneath the window tint on your car’s glass, that a major sign of a bad installment. Air bubbles may be common within the first two weeks after the installment, yet when these bubbles don’t disappear after, you should go back to the shop and make a complain.
  • Purple hue –discoloration is normal on window tints only if they are installed for years already. If your newly put tints are showing change in color right after installment, that may just be a sign of poor tint quality.
  • Peeling – another common factor in old tints, peeling on new tints only mean bad work as recently installed tints should be hard to peel off from the glass surface.

These are just some helpful tips you can rely on to make sure you are getting an excellent job, especially with how costly it can be, just like how car window tinting in Perryville MI are in demand and expensive right now. Always be mindful and meticulous from canvassing to which shop you should go to, to the installment process and to the maintenance of the tints as these layers of films aren’t one time purchase car accessory.

If you want to learn more about bad tinting jobs, read the infographic below from KEPLER.


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All About Hybrid Car Warranty Coverage

Warranties are both a benefit and a curse when it comes to large appliances, and vehicles are no exception. Thankfully, with all of these new hybrid cars on the road, a hybrid car warranty is typically better than those on gas-powered vehicles, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that you pay so much more for them up front, as well as the fact that manufacturers have enough faith in the actual value of hybrid cars, particularly in the long run. To put it bluntly, the manufacturers do not believe that the automobile will require repairs within the guarantee term because the parts are designed to survive. That doesn’t always happen, and it’s critical to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

What’s Covered

Let’s figure out what your warranty truly covers. Most hybrid warranties cover the actual battery pack as well as the hybrid’s parts for 100,000 miles or 8 years, and if you’re lucky, up to 150,000 miles or 10 years. That varies on the state in which you bought the automobile and live, but in any case, this includes when parts break for no obvious cause or anything fails in an unusual way. Manufacturer flaws are also covered. Many other hybrids have an extra warranty that is standard, providing you with much of the same warranty coverage as a conventional car, which is around 3 years.

If you’re lucky, you could have a power train warranty, which covers things like the engine, seat belts, airbags, and even the front-wheel and rear-wheel drives and often lasts 5 years. The main thing to keep in mind is that most warranties estimate you’ll travel at least 12,000 miles each year. If you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll lose money and waste the money you paid for your warranty.

Reading the Fine Print

So, here comes the tough bit. Because your warranty does not cover everything, you must ensure that you take excellent care of your hybrid vehicle. Otherwise, you’re definitely out of luck if you suddenly forgot to find a mechanic in the region, which snowballed into forgetting to change the oil for a whole year.

On Whether You Should Keep Going

The final consideration is if you truly believe it is worthwhile to purchase a hybrid and then obtain the warranty in the first place. Fortunately, when you buy a hybrid, the extended warranty is a godsend, especially if the battery pack you expect to last forever fails around the 100,001 point. The difficult issue is that although the extended warranty may cover your battery problem, consider how much it may cost up front. The dealer, the type of warranty, and even information about yourself may be quite relevant in determining which warranty to choose.

Fortunately, many of the extended warranties are truly worthwhile. Just avoid dealer-specific warranties, non-transferable warranties, non-refundable warranties, and any scheme that requires you to pay them in full up ahead. Also, be certain that if you get a warranty, it will enable you to see a professional technician in your region, as the last thing you want is to discover that you don’t have someplace to fix it from.

However, while a hybrid car warranty is a nice safety net, there is a lot of small print on what is and isn’t covered by the guarantee, so make sure you read it all.

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