BMX Bikes: Characteristics that Make them the Best

BMX bikes have been on the market and highly popular ever since the 1970s and are still as popular. They are known for their incredible strength because they are made of high-quality, high tensile steel, aluminum, carbon, and other alloys. 

Racing enthusiasts love them because of their lightweight and durability. They are best for all types of terrains. BMX bikes are also highly advanced in their structure. 


The following are some of the unique and most popular characteristics of BMX bikes that make them the best choice for stunts, tricks, and riding on all terrains. 

Remember that your main preference should always be high-quality bikes, like Allied Action Sports BMX bikes, in order to ensure all of the following characteristics are present in your bike. 

  • Weight and Strength

BMX Bikes are lighter in weight and very high in strength, a perfect combination for any bike designed to withstand pressure and run fast. They can take harsh beatings and are perfect for freestyle racing and riding. 

They come with very strong yet light frames that enable them to run faster than other bikes. Their lightweight also makes them best for stunts and tricks. 

Their lightweight is mostly because of Chromoly or aluminum; hence most modern high-performance BMX bikes are made of Chromoly and aluminum. 

  • Upright Handlebar

The second most important characteristic that makes BMX bikes best is the short size of their handlebars and their upright position. This enables them to pull up efficiently. 

It allows riders to jump higher as they maneuver with the front wheel. Apart from that, the handlebars of BMX bikes are easily modifiable. 

You can adjust the position of your BMX bike’s handlebar according to your preferred position. For example, if you want to avoid neck and back injuries, then you should keep the handlebar high, about 8.5 to 10 inches, as compared to its standard position. 

  • Low Saddle

BMX bikes usually come with lower seats because they are not made for long-distance riding or high-speed racing. Their low seats enable them to perform bunny hops efficiently along with other stunts and tricks that BMX bikes are specialized for. 

  • Wider Tires and Wheels

BMX bikes come with wide tires and wheels that enable them to have a stronger grip on off-road tracks. They also make it easier for them to spin on the track without any extra friction. 


BMX bikes are the best when it comes to difficult terrains, stunts, and all sorts of tricks. Their special characteristics enable them to perform efficiently on harsh terrains. However, always buy them from reliable distributors to avoid any scams and frauds.