March 2023


What Is Third-Party Car Insurance Cover and How Does It Work?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, third-party insurance coverage is essential for all vehicle owners to drive legally on the streets of India. If someone is caught driving without a third-party insurance cover, they are punishable by law. At times, driving without a third-partycar insurancepolicy can even lead to driving license cancellation.

A third-party insurance plan offers coverage against damage to the third-party vehicle, physical injury, or personal property. But a third-party car insurance policy does not cover the insurer. Dive into this article to find out about third-party insurance coverage.

Top Features of Third-Party Insurance

Check out the features of a third-party car insurance policy to understand this type of insurance better:

  • Third-party insurance offers only a basic level of protection to the policyholder.
  • Third-party insurance won’t provide any protection to the insured car itself.
  • It is often called the act-only or liability-only policy.
  • Third-party insurance policies come with more affordable premiums than comprehensive covers.

How Does Third-Party Vehicle Insurance Work?

When a policyholder is in an accident, third-party car insurance covers the financial burden associated with a third-party vehicle or property repair and third-party physical injury expenses. Therefore, the financial burden on the policyholder gets reduced.

When involved in an accident, the policyholder must inform the insurer before making a third-party car insurance claim. Once you have made a claim, the insurer will evaluate the damages and the estimated cost of repairs. After the verification is over, the insurer will settle the claim.

How to Make a Third-Party Car Insurance Claim?

After informing your insurer, you will have to do the following to file a third-party car insuranceclaim:

  1. File an FIR with details about the claim. Keep a copy of the FIR with you to provide to your insurance company while filing the claim.
  2. The claim goes to the Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal, which determines the amount that you will have to pay for causing financial losses to the third party.
  3. Your insurer will pay the amount on your behalf and compensate the third party.

Nowadays, you can easily make a third-party car insurance online claim without having to run to your insurer’s office multiple times.

Documents Required to Make a Car Insurance Claim

The documents required to make athird-party car insuranceclaim are as follows:

  • Claim form with the required details and your signature
  • A copy of your insurance policy
  • A copy of the police FIR
  • A copy of your driving license
  • A copy of your identity proof
  • A copy of other police reports

Third-Party Car Insurance Plan Exclusions

When you buy third-party car insurance online, you won’t have to worry about the financial expenses associated with third-party damage. You will be covered against physical injuries, damage to the property, damage to the vehicle, and even death. But you won’t get any coverage under third-party insurance if:

  • The accident took place due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The driver was driving without a license or falls below the legal driving age in India.
  • The accident was caused deliberately.
  • The vehicle gets stolen.
  • The vehicle was used for illegal activities.

Is Third-Party Insurance Enough?

From a legal standpoint, buying third-party car insurance online is adequate to satisfy the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act. If you have the coverage, you can stay out of trouble with the law. But the third-party policy clearly falls short when seen from the perspective of coverage.

The policy does not cover natural or man-made disaster-related damages to your car. Also, if the car is stolen, 3rd party car insurancewon’t compensate for your losses. If you are looking for a wider scope of coverage, you will have to rely on a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.

When you buy comprehensive car insurance online, you will be covered for the mandatory third-party legal liability and the damages your own vehicle suffers. You will also get covered when your car gets stolen. Furthermore, you can buy add-on covers to receive 360-degree coverage.

Wrapping up

Buy 3rd party car insurance to protect your vehicle against legal issues and get compensated for third-party liabilities. But if you want to be safer while driving, you should choose a comprehensive car insurance cover and receive added protection. You can customize your comprehensive car insurance policies with add-on covers and get 360-degree protection without financial concerns.


  1. Can you buy car insurance online?

Nowadays, you can easily buy car insurance online in a hassle-free manner. Choose a reputable insurance provider and browse through their different plans to pick the best one for you. From submitting documents to paying the premium, you will be able to do everything online. Moreover, you can also easily renew your vehicle insurance policies online.

  1. What are the two types of car insurance policies?

You can buy third-party car insurance or comprehensive coverage car insurance. All drivers in India legally require a third-party car insurance policy. It is a basic type of insurance that only offers compensation for third-party damage. But comprehensive car insurance policies offer third-party liability coverage and added protection for the policyholder.

  1. What is the problem with third-party car insurance?

Third-party car insurance does not offer any protection to the insured car. Instead, it will offer protection against third-party damage caused by the insured vehicle. It can offer protection against third-party property damage, vehicle damage, and even physical injuries.

  1. Is third-party car insurance useful?

Third-party car insurance is useful when the insured car gets involved in an accident and causes third-party liability. The third-party offers compensation for the damage caused by the insured car.

  1. How much do you need to pay for third-party car insurance premiums?

Third-party car insurance offers only basic coverage to policyholders. Therefore, the premiums for third-party insurance covers are quite affordable.

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Hire Personal Injury Lawyers Who Work Better In Your Case

The lawyers are the best person who can protect you and save your life in any case. If you like to hire them for your injury case, then they can safeguard you and get the rights for you. In addition, they can also help you to get compensation for your problem and also punish them using government laws. Personal injury law is one of the branches of torture law, and it deals with the subject that offers a companion to individuals who suffered any physical, psychological, or emotional injury. 

The negligent individual can be held legally responsible for paying damages to the injured victim. When you hire DC Personal Injury Lawyers, you can gain a wide range of advantages at a reasonable price. They can help you in all the personal injury cases that make you feel stress both in mind and body. 

Who is a personal injury expert, and what cases do they handle?

The personal injury solicitor is a polite counselor who is efficacious in presenting lawful replicas to a person wounded in misfortune or due to a lack of respect. The experts are ready to help clients recover from financial compensation for injuries or mental stress. This type of lawyer is the right one to find the best solution for the individual’s issue and make them lead happy life with compensation. 

The DC Personal Injury Lawyers also handle many cases for their clients as per the client’s problem. They can concern themselves in some cases like transportation accidents, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, slip and fall injuries, wrongful dying, youth daycare imprudence, nursing home abuse, building accidents, and insurance suits. There are also some other cases that they are ready to get applied for someone in an incredible route. 

How do personal injury attorney work for the individuals who are injured?

The personal injury lawyer functions well for the consumers and their topics in a different way and performs all the readings lawfully. They are specialized in a lot of cases and also have won more topics so far. They work accordingly when they analyze the claims, gather the proof, negotiate with insurance leagues, formulate pleadings, conduct discovery, and represent the client at trial, accessing the damages and assisting in various legal processes. While picking them, you can also glance at the thinking and the critiques where it will be reasonable to prefer the proper person for your case.

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What Happens to Your Scrap Car After You Sell it for Parts?

If you’ve ever sold your old car for parts, you may have wondered what happens to it after it’s driven away. Does it go to the scrapyard to be melted down, or does it get a second life in someone else’s vehicle? In this blog post, we’ll explore what happens to your scrap car after you sell it for parts.

First, let’s talk about the process of selling your car for parts. When you sell your car to a scrapyard, they will typically offer you a price based on the weight of the car and the value of the parts that can be salvaged. Once you agree to the price, the scrapyard will send a tow truck to pick up your car and take it to their facility.

At the scrapyard, the car will be stripped of all its usable parts. This can include everything from the engine and transmission to the headlights and seats. These parts will be inspected, tested, and sorted before being sold to customers who need them to repair their own vehicles. Some parts may be sold locally, while others may be sold to customers around the world through online marketplaces.

Car scrappers do a multitude of things to the engine of an old car. Firstly, they check for any faults or damage that may have occurred over time, such as leaks and worn-out components. To ensure that everything is operating in full working order before the vehicle is recycled, car scrappers will also often replace essential parts such as filters and spark plugs. Additionally, depending on the scrap dealer, some engines may be dismantled completely so all the usable parts can be recycled. This not only helps save energy but also keeps costs low since many of these parts can be used again in other vehicles.

Once all the usable parts have been removed, the car will be crushed and sent to a scrapyard to be melted down. The metal from the car can be recycled and used to make new cars, appliances, and other products.

But what about the non-metal parts of the car, like the glass, plastic, and rubber? These materials can also be recycled or repurposed. The glass can be used to make new bottles and jars, the plastic can be used to make new products, and the rubber can be recycled into new tires and other rubber products.

So, in short, when you sell your scrap car for parts, it will be stripped of its usable components and the remaining metal will be recycled. The other materials from the car can also be recycled or repurposed in some way. This process helps to reduce waste and conserve resources, making it a more sustainable way to dispose of an old vehicle.

In conclusion, when you sell your old car for parts, you’re not just getting rid of an unwanted vehicle. You’re also contributing to the recycling and repurposing of valuable materials, which helps to reduce waste and conserve resources. So the next time you sell a car for parts, you can feel good knowing that it’s going on to live another life in some form or another.

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