May 2022


Prominent Levels of Ballistic Protection

If you want to go for an armored car; you must know not all armored cars are the same. When choosing an armored car; there are several factors at play that assist you to determine your ideal protection level. A few primary factors to consider are the tactical purposes, frequency of use and perceived threat level. Additional to this; cost, vehicle type, and the number of passengers will also determine the level of protection needed. 

To know the level of assault that an armor can withstand, ballistic protection levels are referred to. The shape, composition, caliber, mass, and velocity of a bullet influences the potential threat due to a gun. To set these standards, a number of tests are performed. Based on these levels, ballistic protection has been established. The ballistic protection vehicles at Troy Armoring are customized according to your personal requirements. 

Ballistic protection levels-

  • B7- B7 is the highest protection level offered. It can resist various armor-piercing rounds fired from super high-velocity rifles, even sniper rifles. For civilians, this is the highest feasible protection in an armored vehicle. To serve special purposes, vehicles can and often do accommodate higher protection levels than B7. 
  • B6- B6 protection level is easy to implement while rendering to you a huge security advantage. It is meant to cease armor-piercing rounds.
  • B5- B5 is the most commonly installed protection level since it has the capacity to tolerate attacks from AK-47s and other assault weapons. Since these are the most common threats for civilians, most go for B5 protection. 7.5 mm is the least thickness required for B5 protection and it can be increased according to the needs of an individual.
  • B3-B4- This level of protection is specifically for bullets striking at a lower velocity due to a closer gunshot. For instance, a .357 Magnum (B3) or .44 Magnum (B4). These classes can usually withstand assault from weapons including sporting rifles and handguns and since these are commonly found weapons, this is another preferred choice of civilians. 
  • B1-B2- Being able to withstand only a 9mm; these two classes are often overlooked as an armored protection. 

The protection level can be modified depending on the clients. One thing that needs to be taken care of is balance. Remember, if the installed armor inhibits the performance and efficiency of the vehicle to an extent that escape becomes difficult; no amount of armor will save the occupants.

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Motorcycle Crash Bars What are they and are they worth the Investment?

A motorcycle can crash to the ground in many situations on the road. The rider might lose control of the bike while navigating on or off-road. They might also crash because they were riding too fast and could not control the speed or lose balance because of obstacles on the ground. Even if you are stationary in a parking space, falls can still occur.

Motorbike owners are looking for protection to protect their bikes and their personal belongings. A set of motorcycle crash bars is an accessory that can be added to a motorcycle. A motorcycle crash bar is designed to be a piece of safety equipment that connects to a motorbike’s frame. 

While the design of motorcycle crash bars may vary, its idea is to have a metal bar that protrudes beyond the motorcycle that acts as a barrier between the ground and the bike. The bar helps keep the motorbike from collapsing entirely, and it protects the rider from being trampled under the bike.

Motorcycle crash bars are typically made from mild steel or stainless steel based on the manufacturer. When choosing a crash bar, many recommend that motorbike owners select the one built and engineered for their specific motorcycle model instead of products that claim to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Many manufacturers develop crash bars that motorcycle owners themselves can easily install. However, they can also opt to contact their local dealer or workshop for the installation process. 

The bars make it easy to pick up the motorbike, with multiple safety benefits. It allows the rider to quickly and easily transfer the bike from an accident site if they are not seriously injured. First responders will be able to promptly remove the motorcycle from the injured rider and render assistance if the bike is damaged. 

The motorbike’s gas tank is light because of this. The risk of sparking in a collision with a motorbike increases, and it can put the rider and anyone helping in danger. The motorcycle crash bars don’t guarantee that the gas tank won’t be punctured. However, they help reduce the chance of puncturing the gas tank, leading to gasoline leakage in motorcycle accidents. 

Another benefit of installing crash bars on a motorbike can help long-term cost savings. The cost of bike repairs or replacements after damage can add up over time compared to investing in protective accessories like a motorcycle crash bar, making it a worthy investment that motorbike owners can consider in the long run.

Motorcycle crash bars are affordable, and they can be used as an additional layer of motorcycle protection. Crash bars are only one tool in your safety arsenal. It is crucial to remember that you cannot replace the value of taking a riding course and properly wearing all the safety equipment when on the road with your motorbike. Additionally, SWMOTECH skid plates also offer bar positioning and vibration dampening.

Before buying a crash bar, motorbike owners need to consider different factors such as its functions and limitations. They also need to pick quality products that can deliver satisfactory performance.

Here is an infographic provided by Motorrad Garage to learn more about motorcycle crash bars.


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